Bad decisions aren’t bad if you can make good art out of them.

He offered to pay for my boobjob and I said I’d think about it.

Not my monkey, not my circus.

My work is better when I disobey the deadlines.

Everything has consequences, but none you can’t endure.

Fast fashion looks great on me.

I live so comfortably on the moral highground.

My intentions are ill, but everyone’s are.

Joy Division promised me **Unknown Pleasures.

K is a perfectly appropriate response.

I’ve never hurt someone in my life. At least, not someone like you.

She is not a mountain. She can be moved.

It’s not narcissism if it’s accurate.

Not my problem and never my fault.

?Oh, is that sO?

A prescription painkiller personified. Also a pain in the neck. I guess a paradox too, then.

Kindness is delivered in quaint quantities, like quartz to the doorstep of the cottage near the quarry: a haven for quick-witted queers and queasy queens, for defected Quakers. Built a heartland for those stuck in quagmires, those quarrelling, those quaking. Won’t lend kindness to you unless you’re quirky enough— quintessentially broken, patchwork human, quiltmaker.

The rules don’t apply to me.

My rapist keeps on attempting suicide. I feel nothing other than the distaste that his name is still coming up in conversation. I don’t want him to succeed; he doesn’t deserve the sympathy.

“Turn back or else?” “Trespassers beware?” God, you’re such a tease.

I’m walking behind her and I never see her face. Unfettered. Whatever it might look like, I want to steal it. Sunlight. The back of her legs, calves pale and delicate, are speckled with the stubble of unshaven legs and two tattooed words: unfettered sunlight. One word on each calf. Small uppercase. UNFETTERED SUNLIGHT.

Vandalizing a bathroom wall is okay when I do it. Everyone else doesn’t respect service workers very much at all.

Right? Wrong. None of them knew. I miss the sex where you kiss whenever you’re through.

An x at the closure of a t**-ex-**t is how you weaponize ambiguity.

I bought the yellow bodysuit because you told me it would look good on me. I didn’t know you’d buy your girlfriend the same one. But when I saw you posting photos with her (she was wearing it), I put it on and haven’t stopped wearing it for years.

I believe in the Zodiac!